Trove 4: Kakkoii

KAKKOii is the Japanese word for cool. Founded by British designer Antonio Arevalo KAKKOii sprung to prominence in 2012 with the release of the WOW bluetooth speaker, one of the first of its kind. These days of course there are portable bluetooth speakers everywhere but the original design of these still gets a reaction.

The Trove Market has been offered a small batch of Kakkoii items from a wholesale dealer. The WOW speakers are the 'splash' edition which was the third release of the iconic design in a waterproof format, perfect for Aussie summers. We also have a few of the punchy Loop'd speakers, these are tiny and can be conveniently attached to your backpack, scooter or bike. The QBS Chrome model is a stylish mini desktop speaker and lastly we have a few wireless in ear headphones in a very stylish combination of copper and blue colours.

Kakkoii Loop'd Speaker