Trove 1: S'well

The original Trove! We are proud to bring you an exciting Trove of original S'well bottles, yes, these are not the cheap knock offs that you may have seen on other sites they are 100% original S'well brand triple insulated quality bottles with some amazingly beautiful patterns and finishes. We have over 100 different styles to choose from.

This Trove came to us when S'well head office in New York decided to make some changes to how they sell to the Australian and New Zealand markets. This stock was sitting in Australia needing a home and we were happy to help.

For those that don't know S'well is the company that revolutionised stainless steel drink bottles, reinventing a tried and tested technology as a fashion accessory. Experimenting with different textures, patterns and finished produced an item that was both super desirable and functional. And, yes, they really do keep drinks cold for 24 hours without any annoying condensation ad beading on the outside.

 S'well original since 2010


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