About Us

Welcome to The Trove Market. We source one-off batches of quality gifts, homeware, kitchenware and toys at never to be repeated prices.

We are very selective with what we sell, in fact these products are not usually discounted. We know it's a good Trove when we stumble upon a batch of products where there is a good reason that the vendor has to sell.

We get especially excited when the products are from a quality brand, generally globally recognised, highly desirable quality products. There just happens to be a secret stash which through a quirk of circumstance need to be sold.

We bring these products to you at never to be repeated prices, typically 50% of the RRP.

As soon as we find a new Trove we will add it to the site so sign up to our mailing list to be notified. We generally only email you when a fresh Trove is added, they are rare, so you won't be receiving lots of emails from us!